The Herbert Simon Award

The Herbert Simon Award is given annually by the Student Assembly of Rajk College.

Its recipients are academics, who have made an outstanding contribution to the solution of real-world business problems, while having made an exceptional impact on the development and thinking of College members. Every awardee visits the College for an open lecture, which is free to attend for anyone interested, and a masterclass, during the awardee shares his knowledge with selected members of the College.
The unique approach of selection makes the award special. While other academic awards are usually chosen by members of the academic community, the Herbert Simon Award is democratically voted by students. The Rajk College for Advanced Studies has had the honour of having awardees from top universities of the world, including Harvard, MIT and Stanford.


Rajk Laszló College for Advanced Studies

Rajk László College for Advanced Studies is a student-governed institute of quality learning and social activities of Corvinus University of Budapest.

The college is a friendly community, a dedicated study group and a democratic student organization. Since the foundation of the college in 1970 our primary goal has been to help talented students to develop their knowledge, to set and reach their goals. But the college means much more than that for those who live here. It also prepares them to face the challenges concerning the Hungarian society and the global human community.
Apart from talented students, Rajk also attracts exceptional teachers, who consider it an honor to teach here. In our college courses, we get the chance to discuss and study the topics selected by the students themselves in small, 4-8 groups. Rajk is an independent, democratic organization that values creativity, diversity, entrepreneurial spirit and professional competences. During the 49 years of existence of Rajk, almost 800 students joined the Rajk Alumni.

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Awardees said about us


  • 2005

    James G. March

  • 2006

    Henry Mintzberg

  • 2007

    Michael C. Jensen

  • 2008

    Robert M. Grant

  • 2009

    C. K. Prahalad

  • 2010

    Håkan Håkansson

  • 2011

    David Teece

  • 2012

    Pankaj Ghemawat

  • 2013

    Aswath Damodaran

  • 2014

    Clayton M. Christensen

  • 2015

    Eric Brynjolfsson

  • 2016

    Jeffrey Pfeffer

  • 2017

    Sinan Aral

  • 2018

    Amy Wrzesniewski

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